About us

You like art but you don’t want to go through the process of downloading and installing applications that serve the purpose? Come Lets Draw doesn’t need you to do that. We are an online website that lets you fill colours in your life, all you need is an internet connection to connect your strings with us.

How we are different from other online drawing websites? Well you might have seen a lot of them but there are some huge differences between us and them. Some of them being; our graphics are super cool, pixels don’t get disrupted and are easier to load. Mostly great graphics mean slow loading but not here, we are great and fast. Moreover many other websites need you to install plugins and all that stuff, with us you just have to open our website and start drawing.

There is no age limit on who can access and use our website, any one of any age group can use it. Most people think this drawing thing is for kids only, though that is true to some extent but let’s just admit that there is a 5 years old kid in all of us who wants to have fun.

There are predesigned characters present on our website already from comic world which include X-men, Batman and Spiderman. You can click on them to load them on screen and start having fun. We also offer hundreds of colours, you can use to fill the characters in.

Join in and have fun.