Privacy Policy

We at Come Let’s Draw care about the privacy of our users and acknowledge that it is their right to know what information we are getting from that. For this purpose we have developed a Privacy Policy that guides on how this information is collected and shared. Being a drawing website that is both for adults and children, it is our duty to provide protection to the information that users provide especially children by remaining under the law of state.

User data that we collect
Generally following data is collected from customers:
  • Cookies data, IP address, or other identifiers for uniquely recognizing your device. This information will be automatically collected once you open our website.
  • For the purpose of collecting feedback from users, we collect certain information that includes but is not limited to; user name and mail address. Once you provide us the feedback we will send you a newsletter in the upcoming time.
  • Data about you that third parties provide us if you have registered with them.

We provide extra privacy security to information that children under 13 share with us. However it is advised that children use this website under supervision of parents or guardian. Parents or guardians should provide guidelines to children on which information to provide when using this website.

Storage of information

As holders of your data we take reasonable steps to protect that data. For that purpose we always keep our security system updated, still if you feel your data is being accessed by third parties, contact us immediately. Contact details are provided on the website.

Usage of information

The information collected from you is used for different purposes. This information is used to make your experience of using our website better and allow you to have maximum advantage of all features of our website. Furthermore this data is also used to show on your screen more personalized ads and things you prefer to see. This data may also be used for promotional purposes of our website and its products. This information may also be used to promote products of third parties based on your interests and browsing habits. Moving on we also use this information to make our website and its services better. In case of legal requirements we are obliged to share this information with government.

Information sharing with third parties
Due to certain reasons your information might be shared with third parties also. These reason may include:
  • Information sharing with law enforcement agencies to protect rights we have on our websites, this may result in your action of going against our privacy policy or committing any action that causes harm to other users
  • For promotional purposes. To promote products of third parties that we partner with
  • Any handler that we hire to manage our work.
  • With any other partner company
  • In case of transactions you make through our website, however critical information like credit card details will not be shared with others, unless transaction completion is required.
  • Other than above scenarios if we need your data for any other purpose, we will consent you.
Information that you control

You can update or delete your personal information by following proper guidelines. You can also select the usage of information by third parties and what kinds of ads you want to see. Furthermore you can block our promotional activities in shape of emails that you get. In case of information provided by children, that information can be deleted upon request of guardian or parents.

It is advised that you continuously see our Privacy Policy. Any changes made to our policy will be displayed on website or we might inform on contact details provided by you. You are agreeing to our Privacy Policy, in case you don’t agree to any or whole of the conditions and policies you are not eligible to use our website or any of its services. Stay tuned to stay updated.